Interview Hans Oeij – Program Manager at Highberg

Hans Oeij has been working at VKA* for over 21 years in the Program Management & Communication expertise group. As a program manager, he helps clients to guide changes towards the intended results. How does he experience working at Highberg and how does he “matter” to clients? We talked to him about it…

*) Verdonck, Klooster en Associates is as of Januari 2024 adopted into Highberg

Interview Hans Oeij – Program Manager at Highberg
Hans Oeij together with an other Highberger.

Why did you choose to work at VKA (now known as Highberg)?

At the time I chose VKA because its colleagues have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of project and program management. For me it was a unique opportunity to learn this profession with a bunch of very nice and driven colleagues, from which I am now reaping all the benefits.

What do you like about working at Highberg?

In one answer: everything. Taking on substantive challenges with helpful colleagues who all contribute to finding solutions to our clients' problems based on their own expertise. The good atmosphere in which we do this is unprecedented. I feel the shared value of being meaningful and making an impact, for yourself but above all for our client and its customers. That unites us and brings out the best in me.

How do you contribute to solving social issues?

Over the years, I feel increasingly at home in the public sector, where I have developed a broad view of various social issues. Topics that are close to my heart and that have an impact on the lives of you and me. And that is why I often approach things a little differently: “doing things differently” to achieve results. 

I am currently working as a project manager at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations on the Realization IBDS (Inter-administrative Data Strategy) program. A pilot Responsible Data Use Advisory Function has been started within the program, where stalled data projects can report to get answers to the questions: what is allowed (legally), what is possible (technically) and should we want this (ethically). I am responsible for the 'what is allowed' pillar, where I contribute to the acceleration of responsible data sharing between governments. So that we can tackle social challenges even better with data. 

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