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Welcome to our dynamic training program, specially designed for professionals aiming to enhance their impact in the HR domain. Whether you're an HR business partner or consultant, an HR Analytics translator, or an HR analyst or reporting specialist, whether you're just starting out or already have existing experience and knowledge in certain areas, this flexible training in HR data, metrics, insights, and analytics provides the key to optimizing your knowledge and skills, unlocking the power of HR data.

People Analytics Transformation, Data driven HR

What is HR Analytics and why is it essential for your HR success

HR Analytics, also known as People Analytics, is at the core of modern HR practices. It enables you to make data-driven decisions, optimize HR strategy, and enhance organizational performance. In this training program, we delve deep into the world of People Analytics, addressing both the strategic and practical aspects.

What will you learn during this training?

The HR Analytics training is a concise, specialized program. The curriculum is designed as a coherent whole, with each part logically building on the previous one. Cases and exercises help you apply the theory in practical situations. After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Assist an organization in transitioning to a data-driven approach
  • Assess the current maturity of the organization and develop a roadmap for the transformation into a data-driven HRM organization
  • Determine key metrics for your organization and understand how to visualize them effectively
  • Identify opportunities to add value with data analytics and artificial intelligence, and uncover relevant business questions within your organization
  • Translate a business question into an analytics problem
  • Conduct an end-to-end HR Analysis or oversee its execution
  • Prepare (automated) and analyze data
  • Interpret outcomes, create an HR Analytics report, and translate results into daily HR practices
  • Visualize data, meaning choosing the right chart and presenting it effectively

While it is ideal to complete the entire program, the curriculum also provides flexibility. You can choose your own sessions based on your needs or interest in a specific topic or skill. This allows you to tailor the program to your unique learning path."

What makes our training unique?

Flexibility: Choose whether you want to attend all days or just a few days of the training, tailored to your schedule and needs.

Hands-on Experience: Learn by doing with practical exercises and real-world case studies. While theory is covered extensively, the primary goal is to empower you to apply methods and techniques in practice.

Field Experts: Our experienced trainers bring real expertise and practical examples to the classroom. This ensures that all the knowledge you gain during the training is truly applicable in practice.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and build valuable networks.

Attention and Active Participation: We work with small groups (6-12 participants), allowing our trainers to provide more individual attention to you personally. This makes it easier to address your specific questions.

Application in Practice: After each session, you have the opportunity to complete and submit a (homework) assignment. The trainer provides written feedback on your assignment, and during a (digital) follow-up session, the key insights are discussed collectively, with room for additional questions.

Hybrid: If, due to personal circumstances, you cannot be present on location for a day, we offer you the option to attend the session digitally. We ensure that, like other participants, you can interactively participate in the training.


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Content and Structure

This training program consists of 7 full-day sessions, providing a thorough exploration of HR Analytics. Each segment is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills, positioning you as a valuable player in the data-driven HR landscape. The language of instruction is Dutch.

1. Introduction to HR Analytics; explore the world of HR data.

Be inspired by the power of HR Analytics during this engaging session that delves into the 'why' of data and its strength. Gain not only a theoretical introduction to HR Analytics but also numerous practical examples. Experience, through playing an escape game, the most common pitfalls and challenges when working with a data-driven mindset. Acquire a clear understanding of the HR Analytics domain and concepts such as big data, machine learning, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Explore the core principles, structure, processes, and roles that form the foundation for data-driven work and serve as a guide for the entire training program. Receive an update on emerging trends and technologies in People Analytics. With this session, you'll be well-prepared before diving into the more in-depth sessions.

2. HR Analytics Framework, Scan, and HR Analytics Roadmap/Plan.

Are you the one leading the charge within your organization to realize the transformation to data-driven practices? Then, this session is for you. Gain insight into the HR Analytics Framework that serves as a compass for your journey in data-driven HRM. In this session, the HR Analytics Scan is introduced as a powerful tool to measure the current state of HR Analytics within your organization. Identify opportunities and challenges in your organization and translate them into an Analytics roadmap/plan. Learn how to set concrete goals, determine priorities, and develop a strategic plan to successfully transform the organization into a data-driven HR organization.

3. Working with Key Figures, Control Measures, ROI Measurement, and Dashboards

In this session, you will delve into the use of (Key) Performance Indicators. Learn to purposefully select the right KPIs that are essential for your specific HR objectives and business context. Practice setting clear and measurable objectives for HR programs or projects in advance and learn how to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) to evaluate the effectiveness of HR initiatives. Understand the principles of dashboard design and visualization to (have) powerful dashboards developed that convey information clearly and persuasively, provide quick insights, and support strategic decisions. Develop the skills to make decisions based on the insights derived from KPIs and dashboards.

4. Initiating an Analysis: the Question, Briefing, Data Sources, Ethics, and Privacy

This session focuses on the essential aspects of setting up and preparing an analysis of HR data to answer business questions. You practice identifying, defining, and structuring the business question and how to transform it into an analytics problem. You learn not only how to create an effective briefing for data analysis, a dashboard, or the development of an algorithm but also how to ensure ethics and privacy. You learn to determine which analysis method(s) is/are suitable to answer the research questions considering the available data. Additionally, you explore various data sources and learn how to deploy them responsibly and effectively. You practice creating a 'Voice of the Employee' program based on the objectives, characteristics, and situation of your organization. This session provides a solid foundation for conducting analyses.

5. Data and Analysis Preparation

Unlock the power of data with this practical session on data preparation. Step by step, with practical insights and skills, we immerse you in the world of data, the backbone of data-driven decision-making. Discover the secrets of effective data preparation, including considerations when working with data and developing a critical eye for the quality of your data. Gain insight into how different datasets can be intelligently linked. Explore how to create new variables to obtain deeper insights. Learn how to aggregate data to derive summary insights. Understand the power of aggregation for revealing trends and patterns. Acquire the skill to transform data into usable formats, providing flexibility in using data in different contexts. Finally, develop strategies for dealing with less qualitative data and addressing missing data. Learn how to overcome these challenges and conduct reliable analyses. To experience what you've learned, we work with exercises in Excel (with Power Query and Power Pivot).

6. Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Step into the world of data analysis and interpretation with our in-depth session, where we guide you through various stages from data exploration to advanced analyses. Learn how to embark on your journey by exploring data, quickly identifying patterns and outliers crucial for further analyses. Familiarize yourself with advanced analyses and discover how to make predictions and formulate well-informed recommendations based on historical data. Learn the art of interpreting data, including recognizing pitfalls. Explore how using the interrelationship diagram can guide you in understanding causal relationships between variables, essential for data-driven decision-making. Practice interpreting data, not only understanding the complexity of analyses but also being able to draw clear conclusions and transform data into actionable recommendations.

7. Storytelling with Data

The program reaches its climax with this session on storytelling with data. You will learn how to create compelling stories using the Pyramid Principles. Discover strategies for communicating complex data in an understandable way. Learn how to simplify complex analyses without losing the depth of information. Increase the impact of your HR analyses through effective visualization. Explore which visualizations are most suitable for communicating specific insights. By creating impactful stories, you will learn how to present your HR analyses convincingly and engage stakeholders. This session not only provides practical skills in data storytelling but also emphasizes the importance of communication in conveying complex HR insights in an understandable and persuasive manner.


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