How to use dashboards & metrics to keep Talent management on track

By: Alex Hellemons

Tracking key employee retention and attrition metrics  can help organizations to identify areas of heightened employee attrition and measure the effectiveness of retention efforts.

Ideally these metrics are included in a visual and interactive HR Dashboard (e.g. PowerBI or tableau) that allows HR professionals to swiftly identify if and where challenges exist.


Example employee retention & attrition metrics

  • Onboarding Satisfaction 
  • Engagement Level 
  • Retention Intention 
  • Involuntary Attrition Rate 
  • Reasons for Involuntary Attrition 

NB: HR should be able to view the metric values in different dimension, e.g. Business Unit, Business Line, Team; Region, Country, Site; Age categories; Tenure categories; etc.


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