How internal and external changes will impact staffing needs

Our client is a financial service provider with 100-200 employees. They are facing general changes, such as a recovering economy and increased automation. In addition, the financial service provider is considering an expansion of its services. All of this will probably lead to a shift in staffing needs.

AnalitiQs|Highberg worked together with the client to collect, process and analyse input. We subsequently created an overview showing which functions only require an increase in FTE in the short term and which functions require more FTEs in the long term.



A financial service provider is considering an expansion of its services. They’re also facing general changes, such as increased automation and a recovering economy. The service provider would like to get an understanding of how these internal and external changes will impact their staffing needs.

  • In other words: what is the desired future workforce and to what extent is this different from the expected actual workforce?


Together, we developed a strategic workforce plan for the functions that are directly related to the services provided. Overhead, such as HR, Finance, Management and Administration, were excluded. Highberg provided support throughout the process and made the draft version of the final report.

The support offered by Highberg included the use of Highberg’ SWP tool, facilitating workshops, writing a final report and any further assistance that was required. We made use of internal data, such as policy documents and internal reports. We also spoke with HR and the management to find out more about internal strategic choices and external developments influencing the workforce.

We processed all input using the SWP tool, which resulted in an estimate of the workforce that will be required in the future, the actual expected future workforce per function and the gap between the two. Highberg visualized all the results in a report and included an advice.


The project revealed that the client’s current hiring policies need to be adjusted. Firstly, certain functions require an even stronger focus on recruitment, regardless the scenario. Secondly, it became clear that certain functions require an increase in FTEs in the short term, but not in the long term. So, what’s needed for those functions, is mostly temporary staff.

Figuur 1. Relatieve stijging en/of daling in formatie voor functies A en B in de komende jaren per scenario

Strategic Workforce Planning has enabled the client to adjust their policies in time. They can now hire external employees for the functions that only require more staff in the short term, preventing a surplus of employees and unnecessary costs in the long term.


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