Guiding year plan process for the board of directors and executive board

After a long period of stability, Enexis is under pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs to accelerate the energy transition

jaarplanproces begeleiden
strategisch operationeel sturen

Maarten Blacquière - Former CFO Enexis

"The team from Highberg in very good collaboration with Enexis, has provided a lot of clarity and ambition, from the Executive Board to the operations. The bar has been clearly raised, both in terms of results and improvement points in our executive team. A very specific improvement is the definition of critical success factors (CSFs) as a means of translating the strategy without immediately getting entangled in operational KPIs."


Following a process to improve operational control throughout the organization, there was also a need to enhance the execution power of the executive team and the Board of Directors.


Analyze the current working methods and collaboration in the executive team, focusing on governance, behavior, and leadership. Assist the Board of Directors in addressing improvement points to enhance execution power by implementing effective governance at the top of Enexis. Use the 2021 year plan process as a vehicle to effectuate change and collaborate with relevant internal departments to develop them in this regard.


After the analysis, the following improvements for effective strategy execution were successfully implemented:

  • Translate strategy into critical success factors before moving on to KPIs (strategy as a story).
  • Guide the business plan process as a vehicle for implementation in collaboration with internal departments (Strategy & Policy, Corporate Control, etc.).
  • Strategically embed the principles of operational control to facilitate further implementation within departments from a clear framework.


  • Sharp year plan process with achieved deadlines and a satisfied Supervisory Board, with operational control strategically anchored.
  • Strategy translated into strategy maps for the Board of Directors and the primary production process.
  • Foundation laid for further implementation of operational control from clear, strategic frameworks.

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