Forensic investigation visibly a leap forward

'The investigation deserves traces': more (digital) forensic traces, with more interpretation and available faster.

With this motto, one and a half years ago the Dutch National Police launched the program 'Repositioning and Intensifying Forensic Investigation', or Program FO for short. The goal of this program is to bring the forensic investigation in the field of learning-development-quality, personnel & organizational development and information to a higher level. The program makes meters and results are visible: new learning paths, implementation of mobile ICT tools, innovations in investigation techniques and actually 'testing' and measuring the effects of new techniques and process improvements in practice. And this in the chain of investigation and prosecution, because there is close cooperation in this program with the Netherlands Forensic Institute, the Public Prosecution Service and market parties such as The Maastricht Forensic Institute (commercial lab for, among other things, DNA research). VKA participates in this program in the roles of Strategic Communication, IV Architecture and Knowledge Sharing, Process Design and Project Management. Below we explain two projects, which are part of the program: 'Local DNA' and the 'Development Square'.


About Local DNA

The police and the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) are experimenting with ways to get 'dna hits' faster. After all, the sooner a dna trace leads to a suspect, the faster a crime can be solved.

Since this month, the police have been testing a mobile forensic laboratory that goes to the scene of a crime. Specialists extract a dna profile from traces found at the scene. The material is immediately run through the database at the NFI, hoping for a match. On Monday, November 23, reports about the 'Local DNA' project appeared in various media, see here the full report that appeared on and was featured in the newsreel. Below is the full kick-off of the living lab 'Local DNA', as presented within the police.


With a push of the start button on a cell phone, Ontwikkelplein Dordrecht was opened Tuesday afternoon, November 2. The Ontwikkelplein should become 'the place to be' for forensic investigation to experiment, share knowledge and acquire new skills.

The digital kick-off, led by William Swaters, is a prelude to giving forensic investigation a quality boost in the coming years. In the coming period, 250 new people will be hired in forensic investigation and the Development Square will play an important role in training the new employees. Forensic investigation work requires a lot of training and experience. At the police academy, employees gain basic knowledge, to which the Development Square will be a good complement. Besides creating a physical place where people can experiment and transfer knowledge, we are creating "Focus on FO," a news broadcast in which colleagues from the teams and experts from the NFI show what is happening in the field of learning and development in the forensic investigation profession. The newscasts are (about 8 editions a year) by and for FO colleagues. Police Academy, investigation and chain partners such as the NFI. This is only about the content of the profession and that is really new within the police. The Development Square and the broadcasts 'Focus on FO' will ensure that the forensic investigation is continuously improved and that new employees master the right skills at breakneck speed.  

Want more information about 'Local DNA' or the 'Development Square'? Contact William Swaters

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