FG-as-a-service: increased attention to privacy within Arosa foundation

Stichting Arosa is a welfare organization in Rotterdam that offers guidance, shelter and safety to people experiencing severe domestic violence. As a result, the Arosa Foundation deals with sensitive client data. For the safety of clients and staff, it is extremely important to protect this data properly. With the arrival of the AVG, the Arosa Foundation set to work on its implementation. The last missing piece of the puzzle was filling the FG role, which the organization wanted to outsource. That's when Highberg came into the picture. With the 'FG as a Service' concept, the FG role could be filled as desired.

A Highberg customer story: FG-as-a-service: Increased attention for privacy within stichting Arosa

Over the past year, Highberg has helped the Arosa Foundation with the AVG implementation in a broad sense from its FG role. Among other things, all existing privacy documents were assessed and tightened up, advice was given on ad hoc questions and input was given on the processes to be implemented. This gave a better picture of how privacy affects daily work and how abstract privacy concepts can be interpreted.

Stichting Arosa is now well on its way to increasing its privacy maturity level. Through 1-on-1 conversations with employees and semi-annual reports, privacy awareness has increased throughout the organization and more insight has been gained at the managerial level. Arosa Foundation is now better able to use privacy as one of the tools to ensure the safety of its clients.

For more information, contact Frank van Vonderen.