Essential privacy requirements for choosing a SaaS supplier

Choosing a SaaS provider is a decision that goes beyond just functionality and price. In a world where data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization, privacy and data protection are becoming increasingly important. But what are the key privacy requirements that a SaaS provider must meet?


6 privacy requirements for choosing the right Saas supplier

  1. Clear data management and security policy

A SaaS provider must have a transparent and robust data management and security policy. This policy should contain clear guidelines on how data is collected, stored, processed, and shared. Additionally, check whether the provider undergoes regular security audits and whether these audits are made public (consider, for example, an ISAE 3402 statement or ISO 27001 certification).

  1. Compliance with privacy legislation

Ensure that the SaaS provider complies with all relevant privacy laws. This means they must adhere to the GDPR, but also to other regulations (such as the Wbp or privacy legislation outside Europe). Non-compliance with these laws can have serious consequences for both the provider and your organization.

  1. Encryption and data breach prevention

The SaaS provider should use strong encryption protocols to protect your data, both in data exchange and storage. Verify whether the protocols are also recommended by the NCSC in its security guidelines. Also, inquire about their protocols for data breach prevention, follow-up of data breaches, and response strategies.

  1. Access control and authentication

Check how the SaaS provider manages access control. Also, make sure that the privider offers multi-factor authentication options and reporting options to allow regular access reviews.

  1. Data center and network security

Where are the provider's data centers located, and how are they secured? Are they within the EEA or outside? The physical and network security of these centers are crucial for protecting your data against external threats.

  1. Data portability

It should be easy to move or delete your data from the SaaS service. This is especially important if you want to keep the option open to switch to another provider in the future or if you want to manage your data internally again.

Conclusion: A thoughtful choice

Choosing a SaaS provider based on their privacy policies and practices is essential in today's digital landscape. By using the above criteria as a guide, you can make an informed choice that ensures the privacy and security of your data.


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