Empathy and connection brings you further

In a series of interviews, we are putting the colleagues from our interim management network in the spotlight. Who are they? What do they enjoy about the interim management profession? And what energizes them? For this interview, we had a conversation with Janet Arntz.


What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Collaborating is what it's all about for me. I especially love working with different kinds of people to achieve results and progress together.

What type of assignment gets you excited?

I usually get called in when something has already been attempted but not fully succeeded. For example, a newly designed system that isn't being adopted, a process that isn't running smoothly, or a team that isn't working well together. I then dive a bit deeper to figure out why it's not working and what's needed to bring about change. I'm curious and eager to learn, and I have a broad orientation in my work. That's what keeps it interesting for me. So, I enjoy a great diversity in industries, organizations, and issues.

What is your biggest success so far?

Success, to me, is when I'm offered a new project by the client at the end of an assignment. That's when I know I've been successful in fulfilling the task and it makes me proud. Additionally, even a small change can be a big success for an organization. So, success comes in many forms. Recently, my assignment with a large municipality was extended. It involved a quick-turnaround tender process. I simply got to work, setting up the project organization and clarifying what, when, and by whom things needed to be delivered and decided. Then, I scheduled the meetings and ensured the right information was in the right place, so that as a team, we could achieve the desired outcome within the specified timeframe. To me, it's a natural progression, but the organization was very pleased because they didn't have anyone available at that time to do this and bring the various aspects together.

What is your main driving force in your work?

Bringing out the best in people by achieving effective collaboration is my main driving force. Additionally, it's important to me that there's a complex situation that demands a lot from me, where the challenge is how I can work with others to make progress and achieve results. I truly take on the role of the hub. By working together, those involved often move a step further. I engage in conversation with everyone and together we assess what works and what doesn't. This results in a valuable learning process and enables progress to be made through empathy and connection, rather than pointing fingers at each other. I also implement this approach within teams to enhance collaboration. I find it inspiring when people contribute in ways they couldn't or wouldn't without this cooperation. That's what motivates me.

How does that match with the Highberg interim network?

Highberg's mission is to enable individuals, teams, and organizations to excel. Authenticity is one of their core values. This means that everyone can contribute to results based on their uniqueness. Precisely what I stand for! Within the Highberg interim network, we also work together from various strengths to offer maximum value to our clients and further develop ourselves as interim management professionals. I really value Highberg's buddy system.

How do you contribute to the network?

Currently, I'm part of the WOW team within the interim division. WOW stands for 'Way Of Working'. In this group, we focus on refining the formats and templates that we as professionals use with our clients. Additionally, we connect network members' questions with the knowledge and expertise of other members in our Digital Workplace. I actively participate in this and readily share my knowledge and skills. My motto is: sharing multiplies. You also grow by sharing. And of course, I participate in network activities as much as possible, getting to know others well and having them know me. This way, we can easily connect and establish contact. Empathy and connection are also central to me in this context! 

Does your organization need change capacity?

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