Driving Agile change at ASML

By: David Sieweke

In this episode, we are talking to Bas Engel, Director of the DUV Program at ASML and a certified SPC (SAFe Program Consultant). 

Bas Engel on Agile transformation at ASML and Philips
Using SAFe Program Consultant for Scaled Agile Transformation
Managing high-tech product development with Agile and Lean principles
Using cookbooks to guide Agile transformation and reduce uncertainty
Creating a common language for understanding Agile changes

Bas held several senior R&D and program management positions in the high-tech environments of Philips and ASML. At Philips, he led digital and Agile transformations for Digital TV and Digital Platform as head of R&D. At ASML, he led the Agile transformation as Global Director Scaled Agile Transformation, in which over 4000 people of Development and Engineering, hardware and software, across all business lines of ASML, have changed their operating model to an Agile way of working. Based on SAFe, but with a solid foundation in the highly successful ASML way of working, a breakthrough was created in dealing with the diversification and execution of a growing product portfolio.

With a strong background in product development, engineering and program management, Bas brings a unique perspective to the table when working with him. His passion is to make things work, being practical with a deep understanding of both change and sustaining change combined with the values and principles of Agile. His talent is to connect demanding product development strategies within an existing company culture on the one hand, with Agile and Lean principles on the other hand.

He is the counterpart of the purist Agilistas, always on the lookout for maximum effect and always challenging the current state of both the organization and the framework.

Today, we discuss:

  • Using cookbooks to guide the transformation and reduce uncertainty
  • Creating a common language to ensure understanding
  • Managing the change trajectory with external help, and a lot more!

Please enjoy this conversation with Bas Engel!

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