Do you want effort or results?

Hourly billing, that's what you're used to from interim managers, right? You're looking for someone to solve your problem. They receive a briefing, create a plan, and get to work. At the end of the process, you're a certain amount poorer, and the job is done. Everyone's happy. Right? Unfortunately, it often doesn't work out that way in practice. The effort is made, but the results are lacking.


Everyone benefits from 100% results-driven work

"How about settling the bill at the end? If the project exceeds expectations, you pay us 120%, and if it's just a pass, you pay us only 80%." There was a moment of silence on the other side of the table. I saw his eyes widen. "Yes, but that's impossible. I have only a 100% budget, and I can't go over that," sighed the director opposite me. "But it's a nice idea," he muttered afterward.

A telling example from everyday practice. And a missed opportunity, in our opinion. We've been experimenting with different billing models for a while now. We now go even further than the example above by adopting a 100% results-driven approach. Why? Because we believe it will ultimately benefit everyone.

We determine in advance how much the change will yield for your organization

We like to make achievable and measurable agreements that we stick to. And yes, to be fair, we expect the same from you. After all, we're doing this together. We embrace this way of working because we know what it delivers. As part of the management consultancy firm Highberg, we have an above-average knowledge of (and passion for) the field of change.

We also know exactly which promises we can keep, even when it comes to the soft side of change. We know how to measure aspects like attitude and behavior and how to guide behavior change. So, we not only make a lasting impact on results, such as increased productivity, but also on sustainable behavior change. We determine in advance what and how much the change will yield for your organization.

We think outside the box

Not only do we think outside the box for the billing model, but we also go beyond standard solutions in fulfilling the assignment. For example, we believe that in certain situations, it can be very refreshing to let someone without industry experience tackle the job. Because such a person naturally asks more or different questions. And it's precisely those questions that are necessary to get the process started. Moreover, that fresh perspective increases the chance of finding a solution different from how your competitors handle things. An original approach thus provides a competitive advantage.

We'd love to brainstorm with you about the best solution. And perhaps, it's not a standard solution. Are you ready to take the leap?

I invite you to contact us and discuss the possibilities.

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