Dashboarding & business development for sustainable growth

Ndugu Coffee is a social enterprise with a mission to make agribusiness sustainable for all stakeholders involved.

business development
sustainable growth

Bless Agume - Ndugu Farmers

"Highberg helped Ndugu Farmers simplify our business strategies into two precise profit and impact goals and activated our data team from a futuristic dashboarding plan to a realistic workplan improving our data tracking methods; all within six weeks of engagement. We would highly recommend Highberg to any business looking to reorganise their priorities to boost their chances success and impact."


Ndugu farmers wants to create more insights out of collected data on all levels of the organization to be able to steer and adapt more accurately and specifically.

Additionally, Ndugu farmers wants to diversify the business, since it is now only focused on the coffee chain, and introduce new services and products, considering that the transportation processes and relationships are already established.

Vragen voor Highberg

  • Help us steer based on our data by assisting in identifying data needs and visualization requirements, developing dashboards and utilizing the dashboard as a tool for steering the organization.
  • Provide us with tools and an approach that will enable us to identify new business opportunities and implement those new strategies successfully in our organization.


Within the data track of this project, we conducted interviews to identify the specific data-related challenges, wants and needs within Ndugu. Based on the results, we constructed sample dashboards, based on which the local dashboarding team was able to build their own. Through workshops on ‘how to improve data quality’ and ‘how to steer based on data via a performance dialogue’ we taught & developed skills of the local team to improve their way of working with data. We applied the “demonstrate, participate, and self-engage principle” throughout the process.
Within the business development track of this project, we created a toolbox with essential elements required to navigate the process of identifying new business opportunities. In co-creation with Ndugu we refined the toolbox to ensure that it fits within the Ndugu context and that Ndugu feels comfortable using it. We enhanced the start of the process by facilitating the first session to kickstart their exploration on new business opportunities.

Anne de Brouwer - Consultant

"It gives me satisfaction that Highberg makes it possible through 'House of Sharing' to contribute positively to sustainable initiative like Ndugu. Without a bill. A win-win-win-win: for them, for the farmers and nature in Uganda and for us!"


  • Increased data-driven mindset which contributes to the further development of Ndugu in the domain of data.
  • A Business Development toolkit to exploit new business within Ndugu.
  • Sample dashboarding that is used to make real-time dashboards which help steering the organization
  • Operational management team is trained in executing the performance dialogue which enables the management team to steer based on data.

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