Book ‘Grip on Agile working’

By: Aart-Jan Eenkhoorn

At the successful CIO seminar “Grip on Agile Working” we brought together managers from public and private organizations to share experiences about managing organizations in relation to agile working. Because successfully applying the agile principles and achieving the agile ambitions of the organizations requires a different type of organizational management. We call the latter Agile Management.

Book ‘Grip on Agile working’

In this publication (in Dutch) you will find approaches and experiences of managers from Randstad Group, WiGo4IT, Transavia, Rijkswaterstaat and PostNL, and takes us on the journey it has undergone during the introduction of agile working and its management.

These approaches and experiences are very diverse. There are directors who have complete confidence in their teams and let them go as much as possible. There are also drivers who cannot (yet) do this, often due to all kinds of internal and external factors, or drivers who still have to start most of the journey themselves. Some are still looking for 'Grip on Agile Working', others experience 'Grip through Agile Working'.

One conclusion stood out during the seminar: Learning together is more effective and faster, which is why we are happy to share the knowledge gained and exchanged at the seminar through this publication.

Unfortunately the booklet can no longer be ordered physically. You can order PDF of the book via the buttons below.