AVG Maturity scan: insight into the privacy maturity level within ZorgSpectrum

ZorgSpectrum helps people who live at home and need (structurally or temporarily) some extra support. Among other things, ZorgSpectrum does this through assistance with housekeeping, support in difficult situations, district nursing and palliative home care. Protecting client and employee data is a natural part of ZorgSpectrum's duty of care. After all, privacy affects clients and employees of ZorgSpectrum, directly or indirectly, at different levels and with different impacts. To know where the organization stands in terms of AVG implementation, ZorgSpectrum asked Highberg to perform an AVG Maturity scan.

AVG Maturity scan: inzicht in het privacy volwassenheids niveau binnen ZorgSpectrum

Through interviews with various employees and extensive document reviews, insight was gained into the extent to which ZorgSpectrum had implemented the most important AVG themes. This allowed Highberg to provide an overview of areas for improvement and smart proposals for implementation. This translated into a report and work packages that provided a solid basis for the organization to tackle independently.

ZorgSpectrum is now well on its way to raising the privacy maturity level. Using the work packages, the organization immediately set to work enriching the processing register and performing necessary DPIAs. Understanding the state of privacy has contributed to awareness throughout the organization and also provides a great starting point for the future. Since this year, ZorgSpectrum has also been using Highberg's FG as a service concept, allowing it to outsource its FG role.

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