Agile transformation ProRail - increasing agility and customer centricity

ProRail is responsible for the railway network in the Netherlands. Together with transport companies, they work 24/7 to ensure that passengers and goods arrive safely and on time at their destinations. The HR department of ProRail aimed to achieve an Agile transformation.

agile transformatie

Ivette Berends - Manager HR Business Partners, ProRail​vette Berends

"Highberg has assisted us in establishing an Agile foundation in terms of mindset, products, and experience. From this foundation, we can now expand further."

Client request

Help us transform into an Agile organization, with particular attention to an Agile governance and HR operating model. This is so that HR can optimally contribute to realizing the ProRail strategy and, as a strategic partner, engage in conversations about which challenges deserve the highest priority.


Achieving Agile transformation with special attention to the design of three components:

  1. Agile governance and Portfolio Management
  2. Agile HR (operating) model
  3. Behavior & Change of our leaders (HR Management Team and Senior Business Partners) In collaboration with a multidisciplinary change team, Highberg designed the governance of the portfolio and the structure of the department using a scrum methodology.

In 7 sprints of 3 weeks, aspects of the three themes were addressed:

  1. Governance
  2. HR model
  3. Behavior & Culture During sprint planning, activities were continuously prioritized and specified into user stories. During the reviews, various stakeholders were involved in every meaningful step toward the final result.

The transformation project was 100% digitally coordinated. Meetings took place via MS Teams, and the structure was designed using digital whiteboards.


  • A supported and lived design for Agile governance and portfolio management that aligns with the Agile structure of the organization.
  • The change team gained extensive experience in working with scrum and is now capable of training other teams in this methodology.

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