A Strategic Workforce Planning to prevent staff shortage

Tragel is facing a shrinking labour market, both in the healthcare sector and in the region where they’re based. As a result, they want to get an insight into the size of their potential staff shortage. Highberg worked together with this organisation, to collect and analyse data that would provide an understanding of which jobs exactly were at risk. The outcome enabled Tragel to take specific actions and to get stakeholders involved in the process.


The situation

Tragel supports people with mental disabilities and helps them function in society. Sylvie Bertijn-Tollenaar, HR Manager: “We advise and support our clients, as well as their relatives and representatives, and help them realize their choices and ambitions. Our professionals encourage clients in their personal development, to try and reach their full potential.”

Both the region and the sector are facing a shrinking labour market, which affects Tragel too. “We asked Highberg to help us get an understanding of the extent of this potential staff shortage, and where exactly, with which jobs, we’ll see the biggest problems. We also asked them to set up a training programme, so that we’ll be able to address these kinds of questions completely independently in the future.


Highberg developed a Strategic Workforce Planning for the primary roles, i.e. all healthcare providers. Within this organisation, that included all the different healthcare jobs. Highberg provided support in two ways.

Firstly, we supplied an accessible SPP Tool. This provided structure (which data do we need), but also took care of calculations, which made it easier to get the final numbers.

Secondly, Highberg assisted with the data collection for this tool. For the input of hard, known HR data, such as FTE, roles, turnover, and so on, calculations were made based on the data derived from Tragel’s HR systems. For the input of developments and associated impact, we conducted desk research, studied policy documents and held workshops with managers (the business).

The data were subsequently processed and translated into visual output. The insights were presented in an accessible way, which ensured it got broad support within the organisation.


The report has provided the healthcare provider with an insight into the extent of their future staff shortage. This allows them to take concrete actions, based on numbers, rather than gut feelings. In addition, stakeholders have been informed about the future shortage and the various parties are now collaborating on potential solutions.

Sylvie Bertijn-Tollenaar | Manager Employees

Thanks to AnalitiQs | Highberg, our Strategic Workforce Planning was set up quickly and successfully. The meetings with managers were well led, the data model was clear, and we received excellent training. We’re using the insightful reports during our department meetings on a regular basis, and they’ve been contributing to faster, substantiated decision making. The project has helped our organisation prepare for the future.


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