Consultant data-driven vitality & absenteeism

Consultant data-driven vitality & absenteeism

People, Leadership & Culture – Amsterdam

What are you going to do as consultant data-driven vitality & absenteeism?

As a consultant in data-driven absenteeism & vitality, you will work with clients to map risk groups based on data; identify causes of absenteeism and draw up change programs; create prediction models, so that organizations are no longer surprised and occupational health physicians can better organize their agendas; mine processes to optimize absenteeism journeys; and formulate ambitious but realistic absenteeism goals.

Ultimately, your innovation work leads to a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in vitality resulting in better organizational outcomes and happier employees! In the near future, the demand for data-driven absenteeism and vitality will accelerate. The topic is on the agenda in more and more boardrooms. Given Highberg's excellent track-record in data-driven absenteeism and vitality, Highberg wants to become the partner for absenteeism and vitality issues within its People Analytics area of expertise. Our distinguishing feature in the absenteeism market is a data-driven approach and as Consultant Datagedriven Absenteeism & Vitality you will become the thought leader of the Netherlands in this field.

What you’ll be doing as consultant data-driven vitality & absenteeism:

  • Further develop our existing absenteeism propositions and develop new ones;
  • Inform the outside world about all the wonderful things Highberg has to offer in the field of data-driven absenteeism and vitality. You do this by creating product pages for our website, writing articles and case studies, organizing webinars and speaking at conferences;
  • Managing relationships with our clients and collaboration partners;
  • Talking to clients about their absence and vitality questions and writing proposals at the moment that Highberg can add value to these questions from its data expertise;
  • Supervise data-driven absence & vitality projects in the role of account and project manager.

What are we asking?

  • A completed Bachelor's or Master's degree;

  • Several years of work experience and self-starting. Preferably some work experience as a management/strategy consultant. If you have not worked at a consulting firm you will bring consulting skills (e.g. problem solving ability, working with people from operational to executive level, ability to organize work, conceptual thinking i.c.m. executive ability);

  • Excellent fluency in Dutch and English;

  • Resident in the Netherlands and entitled to work for the Netherlands.

Who are you?

  • Sincere attention to personal development including coaching by colleagues, access to and wide range of education and training and a personal development plan with matching investments;

  • Someone with knowledge of and passion for data. You want to back things up with validated insights and you are (somewhat) at home in the wonderful world of Business Intelligence and/or Data Science and/or quantitative research;

  • Entrepreneurial; you will be the face in the field of absenteeism at Highberg.So in cooperation with the Managing Partners of Highberg you will run and build your own domain;

  • Commercial; this role does not involve acting as a door-to-door salesperson.We generate leads by communicating about content and through enthusiastic customers who spread our story. However, it is crucial that you pick up leads independently and use consultative selling to get assignments.

What are we offering?

  • A competitive salary and excellent benefits including performance pay, provisions for mobility, pension and leave;

  • Sincere attention to personal development including coaching by colleagues, access to and wide range of education and training and a personal development plan with matching investments;

  • A place within a challenging and growing organization where taking personal responsibility is valued, you have the autonomy and freedom to perform your work flexibly with short lines of communication with colleagues;

  • A pleasant working environment with a pleasant and easily accessible office, short lines of communication, focus on performance as a team and not on the individual and numerous social activities such as get-togethers, sports activities and team meetings.

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About the team

The People-Leadership-Culture team within Highberg is 30 people strong. Within the domain of People-Leadership-Culture we focus on a number of HR domains: People Analytics, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Leadership, Employee Experience, Vitality & Absenteeism, Strategic Workforce Planning, Culture and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. On these domains it is our objective to create measurable and lasting impact in close collaboration with our clients. Therefore our approach is data-driven and covers both strategy and execution. Within the team we strive towards autonomy, mastery and purpose for each team member, we are wary of red-tape and regularly come together for social activities. After all, work should be fun!


We are happy to help

If you have any questions about this vacancy or would like to further discuss opportunities within Highberg, please contact Gido Puijenbroek (Managing Partner), via  gido.vanpuijenbroek@highberg.com or +31 6 15915590.