House of Performance named best organizational advisory firm 

House of Performance scores first place in the organizational advice category of the MT1000. The MT1000 is an annual ranking in which business decision-makers rate service providers on their service, customer focus and product leadership. The management consultancy-  and interim management firm from Utrecht is also number one in the product leadership category this year. With this, the agency shows that it delivers high quality and is appreciated by customers.

Success formula

House of Performance, part of the Highberg Group, supports and inspires companies in impactful organizational transformations, with a focus on issues such as digitization, agility and sustainability. The agency can be characterized by its firm approach.

“Continuous improvement is not easy, but it is necessary to transform successfully. And that calls for tough conversations,” says Heiko van Eldijk, partner of House of Performance. “We ask everyone to be critical, and to take thextra step necessary to have a sustainable impact. A critical ‘we-can-always-do-better’tone that is apparently highly appreciated by our clients. After all, they are the ones that put us first on this list of leading companies when it comes to customer friendliness and service. I am extremely grateful to our club of people and clients for this appreciation.”

The team of excellent consultants at House of Performance works closely with so-called internal change agents at clients. Van Eldijk: “Some large companies outsource a change process completely. But if you want to continue to perform and operate in a more future-proof way, you have to acquire that competence yourself. In this way, you can keep pace in changing yourself. This is what we teach organizations.”

Ranking MT1000

In addition to the first place in the organizational advice category, House of Performance was also ranked first place in the product leadership category. On the overall list of ‘best companies’, the agency rises from 45th place in 2021 to 8th place, this year.

The MT1000 is a special edition of MT/Sprout in which the thousand best business service providers in the Netherlands are announced. This research is conducted by the Amsterdam Center for Business Innovation. To construct this unique list, business decision-makers were asked about their experiences with service providers. Who is the most customer-friendly, who has the best products and who has the most excellent execution.

Complete score of House Of Performance on the lists:

  • Ranking in Organizational Advice sector:                                1st position! (2021; 2)
  • Ranking in Product Leadership sector:                                     1st position! (2021; 2)
  • Ranking in Customer Focus sector:                                            2nd position (2021; 3)
  • Ranking NPS Organizational Advice sector:                            3rd position (2021; 2)
  • Ranking in Excellent Execution sector:                                     3rd position (2021; 2)
  • Overall Ranking:                                                                                8th position (2021; 45)