Join our Career Class and become a transformation consultant in one year!

Meet & Greet Event! 

Not sure for which brand you want to apply for? Then join our Meet & Greet on the 5th of April in Zoetermeer! You will meet our consultants and we can answer all your questions about the Consulting Career Class.

Grow the consultant within you

Expect more in terms of challenges, learning curve and fun. From day one, you won’t just join one of our consulting firms on exciting assignments but you will also participate in an extensive training program. You’ll be part of a diverse class with 10-15 other participants, all of whom have different backgrounds and experience. Together you will take part in over 200 hours of training. During the program, you’ll experience a balanced combination of professional training, and learning and coaching on the job. Experienced consultants will show you the way and offer support and guidance.

Become part of a team to work as a team

The Highberg Group consists of multiple brands. By organizing a joint consulting career class,
we strive for the same mission: just be yourself before you grow up.

If you choose us, we will choose you

You’re reading this and we think that’s a great start. So, who do we hope you are? You are young, ambitious and are looking for the second step in your career. You currently work in a corporate, public or consulting environment and are connected in some way to IT or digital. You graduated with a master’s degree and are always looking for new opportunities and ways to learn and develop.

About our Career Class

Every month

6 hours content training focused on your personal track, 6 hours consulting skills training and 4 hours leadership development training

About our Career Class

Consulting skills

Our added-value should be in our consulting practice​ and thus require us to develop certain unique consulting skills. We will learn you to consult in a unique and consistent manner, how to engage with clients, ​make a real transformational impact and build long-lasting client relationships. ​

About our Career Class

Personal leadership

Personal leadership is about taking charge of your own career and responsibilities. Part of growing as a consultant is to be always ready to expand your capacities and strengths. Throughout your Career Program this will be the golden threat to define your own development path to becoming a full-blown Consultant.

Jump on our adventure and take the lead of your own career path

This exciting journey starts by choosing a track you want to apply for. Learn more about the tracks.

Ready to make a real impact? Ready to assist large organizations in their transformation – to help them become more responsive and competitive in a digital age? Join the BlinkLane team in Amsterdam. Join our consulting organization to build agile and innovative organizations that are fully equipped to grow and attend to ever raising customer needs.

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Are you interested in digital capabilities as part of a transformation, with a focus on public sector organizations? Then choose VKA. We believe that digitization plays a vital role within organizational transformation. VKA consultants are professionals with very different backgrounds but have one ambition in common: to make working with ICT accessible to everyone.

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Simple. Do you want to be part of a leading management consultancy firm in the Netherlands? Work for a value driven organization that wants to let people excel, work on sustainable projects with bright, eager and passionate colleagues? Learn a lot, develop yourself and have loads of fun along the way? Then House of Performance is the place for you.

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Application journey

  • Choose a brand and apply for our Career Class
    15 March (Class of May)
    15 April (Class of June)

  • Follow application process
  • Start Program
    2 May 2022 or
    1 June 2022

Need some guidance before taking a next step?

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